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Air Esscentials

“I really enjoy working with Jade Marketing. Alexia always under promises & over delivers. She always goes above and beyond what is expected. Since we started working with Jade, they have driven our social media engagement, grown our following and expanded our clientele.”


High Maintenance Services

“Alexia and the Jade team = high diligence and results. Enough said! Looking forward to the future continuing our partnership. Reach out to me if you want to learn more about my experience with the Jade team to date.”



“I have really enjoyed working with Jade Marketing. They have been working with us to brainstorm innovative ways to promote our business and audience. Not only are they super creative with out of the box ideas but also super friendly!”


Maskara Miami

“The Jade Marketing team was amazing to work with. Not only would they go above and beyond what was expected but they were super friendly. We always looked forward to all of our meetings and hope to work with them in the future.”


Nosara Ocean Safety

"Jade Marketing was a wonderful asset to our team and organization. We developed a great partnership with them and appreciated their dedication to our social media account. They demonstrated great attention to detail and a creative approach when bringing our message to life online. I would highly recommend them for digital creations, strategy and marketing."

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