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“I started Jade Marketing because of my passion in showing brands their fullest potential.”

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Influencer Marketing

Our transformative approach to digital is based on personal relationships between our team and top influencers. The Jade team takes the time to build genuine connections rooted in honest, authentic relationships. Jade identifies the most-engaged influencers across social platforms that resonate with our client’s target audience.

Social Media Management & Advertisements

We are a group of storytellers, designers, and tech geeks who understand the need for online marketing alignment. We curate content through conversations with clients to create thoughtfully strategic social media campaigns that are designed to communicate the message visually. By creating visually dynamic content that has depth, authenticity and impactful content creation paired with hard hitting engagement strategies, we take brands online by building communities and follower engagements.

Web Design
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Curated Events

Our goal is to create extraordinary experiences for our clients. We begin with thoughtful ideation and develop a strategic road map that guides the full execution process. Wherever your party takes you, we’re there to ensure a seamless execution.

Brand Development

Jade focuses first on understanding your business. Our job is to create a strong, consistent brand that connects you with your customers. Whether we’re strategizing and building a visual identity from scratch or refining one you’ve already started, we do it all.

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Digital Marketing & Strategy

We believe in delivering relevant content that adds value to your audience, engaging with them on multiple channels to build trust and credibility for brands, and ultimately deepening the relationship between both parties through relevant conversations that always focus on delivering what is of greatest interest to our customer. Our team is made up of specialists in digital strategy, social media management, content creation, PPC/SEM/SEO, analytics tracking and reporting.

Web Development

Web design is a crucial aspect of your business. It needs to tell your story and have great design. We've got you covered.

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Email Marketing

Jade designs, develops, and implements email marketing campaigns that achieve our clients' business objectives. Our approach is comprehensive, combining the best creativity, the most responsive technology, and analysis of marketing impacts to provide ongoing feedback.

Content Creation

We are a creative consultancy. We live for the "a-ha" moment when we capture something special through our lens and share it with our clients. People connect with stories and we draw inspiration from the world we live in to capture incredible moments and reproduce them digitally so that our clients can use them.

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Brand Partnerships & Collaborations

Our team is adept at recognizing points of connection between brands to determine the most optimal opportunities for collaboration. When all elements are aligned, we then collaborate with our partners to put together tailored campaigns that deliver exceptional results.

Promotional Product Design & Creation

From branded pens and notebooks to signage solutions and even services to package and send your items directly to clients, we do it all. These products help bring instant brand recognition and drive consumers to your business in a cost-effective way.

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